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Understanding your business - first things first..
Before we can even start to provide a solution, we need to fully understand your business and the requirements of a development and even if your initial enquiry is viable or the best solution for the task at hand.

Numo uses its experience from working with clients from both small business, large corporate organisations and diverse sectors to understand the need and what impact this has on your business.
Evaluating the solution - the best fit..
Technology systems now touch every part of your business, so we ensure that many considerations are made before even a simple website is planned. If future plans of growth in a business could impact on our development, then we would allow for this and present these as future consideration. We analyse the gap between the business today and the business the management wish it to be.

Numo works with you in the same manner whether your project is large or small because the methodology stays the same, we plan the solution that gives you the best return regardless of budget or timescale.
Development and Implementation - making it reality..
We have first class experience in developing and deploying strategies for all shapes and sizes of business, with in depth expertise at every level of a project and industry knowledge in numerous sectors. This is why Numo's Quality Management Systems are the safe choice when it comes to the implementation of your IT strategy.

Our developments and deployments are project managed with a best practice approach scaled to the size of project. We provide documentation and project management from internal documents to DSDM methodology and Prince 2 project management levels. This means that the work done initially will actually become reality through good management, on time, on budget and fit for purpose.
Supporting the application - always there when we are needed..
We support the functions of all our applications or Works developments for the life of the projects, so if something is in error 6 days or 6 months from the deployment, we would support and fix the project free of charge.

We can only offer this because we are confident of not only the reliability of our work, but also our ability to fix any issue quickly and with little inconvenience.

We also advise on training programs for more involved development, with initial training built into the project, with possible Pro Rata contracts or retainer based costing.
The Lifecycle of your project - keeping an eye out for the future..
Numo uses the same approach to this for any size of project because as stated, technology touches every part of a business today, and this will impact on any project developed now. We use an approach of Service Orientated Application (SOA) which in its simplest form provides a clear development path for any system or application so you are not left with a legacy in 5 years.

We also ensure that the work that is developed is largely unaffected by copyright and it made portable to enable you to re install anywhere you wish.

Numo ensure that whatever happens to your business, we can support you and make sure that you simply will not want to leave.

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